Sean, thank you so much for all the time and excellent work you contributed to the creation of the [Spider-Man 3] score. Bob [Murawski] and I could NOT have finished the [picture] without you.

-Sam Raimi, "Spider-Man" Director


Sean is a dream to work with. His ideas were nothing short of genius and the range of his ability is unsurpassed. I can’t wait to work with him again and again and again.

-Gabriel Cowan, "400 Days" Producer




Building from established themes, Sean was a capable custodian for the music of The Grudge franchise. He has a thorough understanding and appreciation for his craft. His contributions to the movie were invaluable

-J.R. Young, "The Grudge 3," Executive Producer



Sean is an extremely talented composer. He is creative, resourceful and stalwart–all the ingredients needed to produce a great score. Highly recommended!

-Christopher Young, "Spider-Man 3" Composer, Golden Globe Nominee



Sean is not only supremely talented and a complete professional, but also happens to be one of the nicer guys I’ve ever worked with. His ability to elevate a film with music is truly stellar and I consider myself very lucky to have had him on our team. I can’t recommend him enough.

-Matt Osterman, "400 Days" Director




I had the opportunity to work with Sean McMahon on the feature film ‘The Grudge 3’ when Christopher Young recommended him as an exceptional composer with extensive knowledge of the existing score elements (based on his experience working with Young on the score for the earlier films in the franchise) but who also has his own voice and style which would work well for our needs.

I was not disappointed. Sean proved to be a gold mine of resources, hard work, and talent. I was extremely happy with the results of our collaboration, and I would not hesitate to recommend Sean to others.

-Toby Wilkins, "The Grudge 3" Director



Sean brought a fresh and heartfelt perspective to the film that stayed true to the vision and satisfied my quick, organic creative process. He knows music and he knows film. Most importantly, he knows collaboration.

–Mike P. Nelson, "The Goodbye" Director


Sean McMahon is a true talent. We were lucky to find him. Sean was able to approach our very important and personal film with creative and fresh compositions that reflected a clear understanding of our story. Sean genuinely internalized the heart of our script and scored our film better than we could have imagined. He provided strong guidance in terms of musical direction but was always more than receptive to notes and different ideas–always putting the best possible outcome of the film first. He is a true talent, a true professional and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. I very much look forward to working with him on our next film. He is a hell of a composer and we owe him a great thanks!

-Colin Markowitz, "The Goodbye" Co-Producer, "Wilson" Second Second Assistant Director


Working with Sean was a great experience. Sean is creative, smart and a pleasure to work with. His score elevated the cast and crew’s work and ultimately achieve the director’s vision.

Sean was able to work with us to clarify our goals and use his creativity, knowledge and networks to translate our input into just the right music. Sean was able to ask the right questions about our temp score and take us in new and refreshing directions when needed and down old similar paths when appropriate to achieve great results. From day one Sean treated the film as his own and helped us to realize its potential.

-Daniel Markowitz, "The Goodbye" Co-Producer

Don't Mind If I Do Productions, LLC

Sean is incredibly easy to work with and great collaborator. I threw my musical sketches at him. He took the time to consider those sketches and understand what I was going for. Then he turned around a score better than I could imagine. Sean is a true talent, real professional and I can’t wait to work with him again.

-Jon Maichel Thomas, Director



Working with Sean was quite a treat. Sean delivered exactly what was asked of him, much sooner than expected and–in fact, over delivered.

When a revision was needed he delivered and over delivered with extreme speed and enthusiasm. His revisions and changes reflected precisely what was asked of him. It is clear in communicating with Sean that he has a real mastery over his craft.

-Ben Carney, Lead Audio Designer for "Wargaming"


Sean’s work, without question, brought the quality of our game, ‘Jump Dewds!’, to the next level. The music he composed was spot-on, perfectly capturing the mood and spirit of our game while bringing it to life. He works very quickly without sacrificing quality, and needed little guidance to accomplish exactly what we wanted.

He’s very talented at making sampled instruments sound good, and he layered a couple of real instrument recordings on top to give it a polished big-budget sound. He’s now my go-to guy for custom music tracks in our games.

Matt Gravelle, Graveck Interactive, LLC